Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dread Pirate Bunny Progress

I am currently using Caron Simply Soft 100% Acrylic in Worsted Weight Black and White. I am still having major problems with the ears, I just can't seem to get them right.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Harry Potter Hubby

Your result for The Harry Potter Husband Test...

Mrs. Weasley Twin

Your perfect HP man is Fred and/or George Weasley.

Laughter is important to you. You want a guy who's never boring, who can always put a smile on your face, and who can pull the best of pranks and never get caught. Or possibly two such guys. Because let's face it, they're pretty much a two-fer. You get one, you get both. Even if one of them's only a friend, he'll still be around so much you'll feel like you're married to him, too. Sure, they may not seem like the most mature guys in the world, in a traditional sense, but just ask them about their business plan. When they drive you nuts by relentlessly testing their latest inventions on you, you can console youself with that huge stack of cash and dragon-leather jacket. Besides, you know you're powerless against those stereo smiles.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So I finished Hedwig.

I liked the pattern, but wanted to try something else, of course. I used Lion Brand Fun Fur for this project, and it was really hard ot finish because I couldn't see the edges through the fluff. She's cute in her own way.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ravenclaw Illusion Banner

Watch the Birdie!

So after much swearing and ripping of rows I have finished the "banner" intended as a scarf, the image became a little long so I turned into a banner instead. I may try a scarf later.

I used Caron Simply Soft 100% Acrylic Worsted in Dark Country Blue and Heather Grey for the colors like the movie. I changed it to banner or wall hanging. It is about 18-1/2" long from end to end fringe adds about 3" to 6" to over all length (depending on fringe length).

A few notes about the pattern:

The instructions below are for the WRONG SIDE of the pattern only. The RIGHT SIDE is KNIT every row! Just knit nothing else. I did say KNIT the RIGHT SIDE right?

Ravenclaw Illusion (Shadow) Banner

Approx: 18-1/2" (23-1/2" with fringe)

Materials: Caron Simply Soft 100% Acrylic in Dark Country Blue [MC] and Grey Heather [CC] (no dye lot), 1 skein each (about 315 yards). You may choose any worsted weight yarn in the color of your choice.

Needles: Size 6 (US) straight

Gauge: is about 22 sts and 36 rows = 4", or about 6-1/2 (7) sts. per inch.

NOTES: Two rows of each color are worked and then changed for the next two rows so on and so forth, continue in this manner for the entire project. Carry the colors loosely up the side at each color change, no one will ever notice. Instructions are written for the wrong side only, KNIT every right side (odd numbered) row.

It takes four rows of knitting to complete one row of pattern, the first row is establishing the illusion [CC] the next rows follow the illusion in reverse [MC] making the stitches "pop" out form the material.

The first and last 2 stitches of pattern are a selvage edge to help the piece lay flat and not roll. Light blocking will help if your banner rolls too much.

The design (illusion) is a total of 136 rows, not counting border rows. The photo is a mirror image, your bird will face the opposite direction when completed.


K = Knit
P = Purl
MC = Main Color
CC = Contrast Color
sts. = stitches

CO 35 sts. in MC
Row 1 KNIT
Row 2 PURL
Change to CC
Row 3 Knit
Row 4 Purl
Change to MC
Rows 5 and 6 repeat rows 1 and 2 one time. (Border is complete)
Row 7 - Change to CC, Knit to end (right side row)
(Begin Pattern, this row is the toe)
Row 8 - k2, p10, k1, p to last two sts. k2
Change to MC Knit to end
Row 10 - K12, p1, k to end.
Continue in this fashion, changing from MC to CC every two rows for the rest of the rows
Row 12 - k2, p10, k1, p2, k1, p to last two sts. k2
Row 14 - k12, p1, k2, p1, k to end
Row 16 - k2, p10, k4, p to last two sts., k2
Row18 - k12, p4, k to end
Row 20 - k2, p11, k2, p to last two sts., k2
Row 22 - k13, p2, k to end
Row 24 - k2, p12, k1, p5, k1, p to last two sts., k2
Pow 26 - K14, p1, k5, p1, k to end
Row 28 - k2, p11, k2, p4, k4, p to last two sts., k2
Row 30 - k13, p2, k4, p4, k to end.
Row 32 - k13, p13, k to end.
Row 33 - Knit across to end. (just making sure you're still knitting every right side row)
Row 34 - k2, p11, k14, p to last two sts, k2
Row 36 - k13, p14, k to end.
Row 38 - k2, p10, k12, p2, k1, p to last two sts, k2
Row 40 - k12, p12, k2, p1, k to end.
Row 42 - k2, p9, k10, p to last two sts, k2
Row 44 - k11, p10, k to end.
Row 46 - k2, p8, k10, p to last two sts, k2
Row 48 - k10, p10, k to end.
Row 50 - k2, p8, k9, p to last two sts, k2
Row 52 - k10, p9, k to end
Row 54 - k2, p7, k10, p to last two sts, k2
Row 56 - k9, p10, k to end.
Row 58 - k2, p7, k10, p to last two sts, k2
Row 60 - k9, p10, k to end
Row 62 - k2, p7, k11, p to last two sts, k2
Row 64 - k9, p11, k to end
Row 66 - k2, p7, k11, p to last two sts, k2
Row 68 - k9, p11, k to end.
Row 70 - k2, p5, k1, p2, k12, p to last two sts, k2
Row 72 - k7,p1, k2, p12, k to end
Row 74 - k2, p5, k7, p1,k7, p to last two sts, k2
Row 76 - k7, p7, k1, p7, k to end
Row 78 - k2, p5, k7, p1, k8, p to last two sts, k2
Row 80 - k7, p7, k1, p8, k to end
Row 82 - k2, p6, k5, p2, k8, p to last two sts, k2
Row 84 - k18, p5, k2, p8, k to end
Row 86 - k2, p7, k3, p3, k9, p to last two sts, k2
Row 88 - k9, p3, k3, p9, k to end
Row 90 - k2, p13, k8, p to last two sts, k2
Row 92 - k15, p8, k to end
Row 94 - k2, p12, k10, p to last two sts, k2
Row 96 - k14, p10, k to end
Row 98 - k2, p12, k9, p to last two sts, k2
Row 100 - k14, p9, k to end
Row 102 - k2, p11, k11, p to last two sts, k2
Row 104 - k13, p11, k to end
Row 106 - k2, p12, k8, p1, k1, p to last two sts, k2
Row 108 - k14, p8, k1, p1, k to end
Row 110 - k2, p13, k8, p to last two sts, k2
Row 112 - k15, p8, k to end.
Row 114 - k2, p14, k7, p to last two sts, k2
Row 116 - k16, p7, k to end
Row 118 - k2, p14, k5, p1, k1, p to last two sts, k2
Row 120 - k16, p5, k1, p1, k to end
Row 122 - k2, p15, k5, p to last two sts, k2
Row 124 - k17, p5, k to end
Row 126 - k2, p15, k3, p1, k1, p to last two sts, k2
Row 128 - k17, p3, k1, p1, k to end
Row 130 - k2, p15, k1, p1, k1, p to last two sts, k2
Row 132 - k17, p1, k1, p1, k to end
Row 134 - k2, p14, k1, p to last two sts, k2
Row 136 - k16, p1, k to end
This last row completes the Raven Illusion (Shadow).

Row 137 in CC knit across to end
Row 138 Purl across to end
Row 139 - in MC Knit across to end
Row 140 - Purl across to end
Row 141 in CC knit across to end
Row 142 Purl Across to end
Row 143 in MC Knit across to end
Row 144 - BO (Knit or Purl)


Cut 14 12" inch pieces of MC and 13 12" pieces CC divide into our groups of three, using two strands of MC and 1 strand of CC for middle fringe piece. Find the center bottom of your banner and attach the blue/grey fringe there, alternate the other eight sections and space them equally along the bottom of the banner.

Hang it on your wall, your all done!

Arachknits: Ravenclaw Illusion Banner

Arachknits: Ravenclaw Illusion Banner

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dread Pirate Bunny Progress 2

So we've made a little more progress and I am just not happy with the results at all.

I was right in thinking that the yarn is too bulky, the needles are too big and the chart still isn't quite right. I want to keep going with this sample so I can flesh out other difficulties or refinements. The nose needs to be reduced by two rows from five to three, and I've not finished the eyes yet, but they need to be changed as well, perhaps a stitch or two wider.

Trying to intarsia the whole thing is a mistake, I think that the nose and eyes should be duplicate stitched after the motif is complete.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dread Pirate Bunny Progress

Well some progress has been made. I don't want to copy the scarf exactly, that wouldn't be ethical, but I am finding that the chart I did isn't quite up to snuff. There are several things at this point that definitely need improvement or change. The crossbones need to more diagonal, and I need to figure out why my stitches are doing that weird thing at the bottom.

Looking at the chart, the picture and the small knitted sample above, mine is much smaller, the crossbones are wrong, but that's OK, I can fix it later. One is taken by the iCamera the other is scanned, the scanned one is vertical.

I haven't posted the chart, because I don't want to give the impression that it is in anyway done or the final product. I really wanted to document the process and progress as I knit and refine the pattern idea.

So far not so good.

SAMPLE: Knit with Bernat Softee Chunky 100% Acrylic in Black and White on size 10-1/2 (US) needles.

Notes for improvement based on current sample.
Yarn to worsted weight (perhaps sport?)
Refine / define Crossbones.
Change Needle size, to 8 or 7 (US)
What is up with the stitches at the center bottom?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Winged Skull

Speaking of charting things, I tried my hand at this "Winged Skull" after being teased by a friend that knitting wasn't "Metal", but a sissy hobby!

Sissy hobby, my ass! I sat down and knit this. Intended as a pillow cover, I think this will be the back, as I see where I have to correct a chart mistake or two. But I still like this.

Knit with Bernat Softee Chunky 100% Acrylic yarn in Black and White, it came out rather well for my very first attempt at charting something. I need to finish the back and stuff the pillow in it!

If I can figure out how I will try to link to a pdf or post the chart here in a jpeg format. It's hand drawn , iMac doesn't have a pint like program that you can color in the squares and make it all pretty. And they should.

Dread Pirate Bunny

OK, so the do-it-myself chart isn't working out so well, I can't seem to get the ears right or the shape of the head. I have tried charting it on 1:40, 1:28 and een 1:22 but I'm not getting good results.

I think the thing to do is choose one or more the charts I've tried and knit it up and see what looks best and where improvements need to be made.

This is hard!

Dread Pirate Bunny

Hello, I'm going to try and keep track of my progress with the Dread Pirate Bunny design. I saw the scarf first on HGTV's Color Splash worn by the assistant Danielle Hirsch, I thought it was so cute I had to recreate it, since I can't find one to purchase.

I had Knitpro do the initial charting which you can see above. I need to refine this a good bit, so I can get the ears close to correct. The fold in the material is making it tough to get the shape right. Blessing to a user on Ravelry for finding the photo for me, I was looking in all the wrong places!

If you would like to make one of your own, please feel free to copy the chart above or come back here later for updates and a hand drawn chart. Since I can't figure how to get a pdf to link here the picture will have to do, apologies.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Knitting Fool

So I have been knitting like a woman possessed and have gotten my Ravelry invitation and been busy setting stuff over there. I'm not sure if I'll continue with my blog here or not. I have finished two hats and the front of a pillow case since I last posted. Ordered almost $140.00 of yarn and a book (on separate occasions mind).

It's official I am insane!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

This is a test to see if I can upload and share a pdf file. I have designed all twelve of the zodiac signs and used knitpro on the web to have the chart created. They are free to use, but may not be sold or used for commercial purposes withoout my express written permission. All images belong to me, however the symbols are public domain so feel free to design and knit your own.

Nope I guess not, ok so I'll just upload the photo instead... and there it is... I'll try to upload the rest in one post, just images to peruse perhaps.

Pirate Bunnies

So I'm trying and trying and trying and it's not working. I'm getting irritated. It should be a simple matter of coloring in the squares on the graph paper, apparently I'm coloring challenged. I can't seem to keep the squares "even".

I tried using one of the free online knitting chart creation applications, but they don't give you very good patterns, even form a simple line drawing. Alas and woe is I, back to the drawing board.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Today I attempt to chart my very first project. I have an idea for a an off-bet scarf or sweater or patch design, based on the "Jolly Roger" or Skull and Crossbones pirate flag. Not one for the traditional intarsia or Fair Ilse snowflakes and checkerboards I want to try something different, the simple lines / shapes of the skull and crossbones would lend themselves nicely to any number of adjustments or design with a few tweaks here and there. Will post the chart once I figure out how. iMac and and windows based programs do not communicate or play well together.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Yesterday I received my order from Knitpicks and the yarn is marvelous. $3.29 a 110 yard / 50 gram ball of worsted "Swish" 100% Superwash Merino in Black and Jade. The yarn is for a specific project and it is one of the softest wool yarns I have ever touched. Usually wool is harsh and makes me itch, I don't like wool clothes for that reason, but knitting with this there is almost zero itch factor (I think I might be allergic) and when worked up it still feels soft to the touch. The colors are gorgeous, rich and deep with little or no variation from ball to ball.

I liked it so much that I ordered another six balls in two more colors for another project and if I can find the proper colors in a yarn weight I like I may purchase from them again.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This is one of the very first projects I completed.

It is a knit from the top down pattern, which can be found in
Knitting for Dummies. I changed the pattern some, it called for a four inch I-cord, which I thought looked silly so I cast on and began the increases after the first round. I like the spiral pattern on top. One could use different colors to knit a pinwheel type design.

Caron Simply Soft 100% Acrylic in Orchid. The hat took about 1/2 a skein (315 yards / 170 g).

Saturday, June 7, 2008



This is my very first attempt at blogging. A friend suggested that it would be a great way to catalog or chart my progress for knitting or on going projects. I first learned to knit as a little girl, but it didn't quite grab me. I began to knit again to have something to do to keep me occupied in the snowy winter months and now I am addicted.

I don't use fancy yarn, I'm not skilled enough for $14.00 a ball Alpaca Wool yarns just yet, but I find that the Caron Simply Soft 100% acrylic makes for terrific practice and if I screw it up, I've only lost a couple of dollars.

I have several projects I am currently working on and a couple that I have already finished. In the next couple of days I will continue to post and add pictures.