Saturday, July 12, 2008

Winged Skull

Speaking of charting things, I tried my hand at this "Winged Skull" after being teased by a friend that knitting wasn't "Metal", but a sissy hobby!

Sissy hobby, my ass! I sat down and knit this. Intended as a pillow cover, I think this will be the back, as I see where I have to correct a chart mistake or two. But I still like this.

Knit with Bernat Softee Chunky 100% Acrylic yarn in Black and White, it came out rather well for my very first attempt at charting something. I need to finish the back and stuff the pillow in it!

If I can figure out how I will try to link to a pdf or post the chart here in a jpeg format. It's hand drawn , iMac doesn't have a pint like program that you can color in the squares and make it all pretty. And they should.

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Jennifer said...

Mickey Mouse skull.